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10 tactics translated into 8 languages

7 de novembro de 2009Comente!
VJ pixel at the 2009 Info-activism camp in India

VJ pixel at the 2009 Info-activism camp in India

Source: 10 tactics for turning information into action

A team of volunteers have been busy translating 10 tactics for turning information action into Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Burmese, Russian, Bahasa Indonesian and Portuguese Brazilian. These languages will all be included as subtitle options on the 10 tactics DVD, to be released in early December.

VJ pixel, who works for the Laboratório Brasileiro de Cultura Digital in Brazil, was one of the first friends of Tactical Tech to offer to translate the film. VJ pixel says his main interests are video technologies, free culture and remix culture. He says: “I think it’s important to show this film in Brazil. I’ll use It to inspire people in the use of new technologies for activism.”

Taibah Istiqamah, who appears in the 10 tactics film, says she was inspired to translate the film into Bahasa Indonesian because she wants to share it with rights advocates in her country. “It’s an honour and a great pleasure to be among few people able to watch 10 tactics before everybody else!”, she says. Taibah has also organised a screening for NGOs and bloggers in her hometown of Banjarmasin, the capital of South Kalimantan.

Taibah as she appears in the animation in 10 tactics with Indonesian subtitles

Taibah as she appears in the animation in 10 tactics with Indonesian subtitles

The translation for 10 tactics is being carried out using the free online service dotSUB. dotSUB is a web-based tool that enables video to be accessed in an open, collaborative, “wiki” type environment. It allows video content to be translated into multiple languages via subtitles rendered over the bottom of the video. These translated videos can be made available on any website, or the translation file can be downloaded to add to a DVD.

Other languages will be made available on the 10 tactics website next year, as people translate them online. Already people are working on Thai, Bengali, Ewé, Traditional Chinese and Urdu. Tactical Tech encourages people to help with translations if they would like to make the film available in their local language.

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