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LiVES news update

19 de junho de 2009Comente!

Hi all,
welcome to another edition of LiVES news !

First of all, you probably noticed the recent release of 1.0.0-pre1, which succeeded after 3 aborted attempts. The release was brought forward a couple of weeks earlier than planned, for a few reasons. First, work on the remaining feature – mixing of foreground and background generators, proceeded quicker than planned. There may still be a few rough edges with this but these should be fixed over the next few weeks. Its pretty much specialist functionality anyway. Second, a few quite serious bugs were found (thanks to supervinx and ert and others for helping with testing), so I wanted to get the bugfixes out to you all as soon as possible.

The third reason – and this is excellent news – LiVES was successfully nominated for the category of Best Multimedia Project in the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards. So, many thanks to everyone who nominated LiVES ! This will surely attract a lot of new users (and with luck some new developers) to the project. So I wanted to have a good stable release ready for new downloaders too. Voting begins on Monday 22nd June, so make sure to vote for LiVES. There is also a promotional video (a bit tongue in cheek) featuring yours truly and VJ pixel:

Now on to the LiVES 1.0 release plans. There may be a LiVES 1.0.0-pre2, maybe not. This depends if any serious bugs are found between now and the 1.0.0 release date. Otherwise, 1.0.0 will be basically the code that is there now, plus any bug fixes, plus a new theme which is being designed now.

As for the release itself, this will take place during OSCON 2009. There will be a Linuxfund party on 22nd July, and although I am unable to attend OSCON personally, we are planning a live video link up at 22:00 Pacific time. So if you are going to OSCON, make sure to go to the Linuxfund party to show your support ! More details can be found on the Linuxfund site:

The following day, 23rd July will be when the winners of the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards will be announced, also at OSCON.

Other events planned for the 1.0 release include a party in Recife, Brazil (27th July) and Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (31st July). Check the news page or drop me an email for further details of these events.

On the offchance that anybody else is planning a LiVES 1.0 release event, please let me know and I will advertise it.

Now is a good time to get in any feature requests for post 1.0 enhancements to LiVES. I have already started this process off by dumping my TODO list in the form of enhancements beginning with “Planned:”. If the 1.0 release attracts more developers as hoped, then these will be good starting points for new developers to get involved in the development.

Finally, returning to the subject of donations. The LiVES 1.0 fundraising drive seems to have come to a halt at 90% of the total. If anybody can help or has ideas for raising the remaining 10% that would be great. The remaining funds would cover the new LiVES artwork (of which the new splash screen is an example), plus a 6 part video blog/tutorial, introducing LiVES and its developers and development environment. Since all editing would be done with LiVES it also allows for full testing of the main features before the 1.0 release.

Keep aLiVES and kicking y’all !


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